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Metal Bird

Released January 28th, 2021


Accordingly, Metal Bird feels blissfully unmoored from any sense of time and space, its astral Americana hymns hovering somewhere between the dirt and the stars, between a bygone golden age and our tense present, between raw intimacy and dreamlike splendor. It marks the moment when Adams boldly liberates herself from the off-the-cuff, obfuscating qualities of her previous work to deliver her words with radiant, broadcast-worthy clarity.

Sweet, nostalgic, lonely with a slight touch of insanity.

"When so many artists in the music industry are desperately trying to create new genres that depart from the norm, it’s actually rather refreshing when you discover an artist that is doing quite the opposite. Eve Adams harks back to greats such as Julie London and Billie Holiday."

"All and all, Metal Bird is a solid collection of mature songs about the human range of emotions. An album so cohesive yet so colorful, Adams gives you all shades of blue in Metal Bird.


In Hell

The 11 songs on Eve Adams' In Hell are noir-ish tales of love gone wrong: set against a backdrop of blown-out but nostalgic Americana, Eve tells stories of dark domestic dramas unfolding behind closed doors. Sultry female vocals take the lead role throughout, drifting through the void alongside warbling tremolo guitar lines while spare basslines etch out skeletal rhythms beneath."

"Really, In Hell is equal parts violence and romance. These are pretty songs made for ugly feelings."

—Joe Rihn (L.A. Record)


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